TheGreenBow Certified VPN Client
Annual License
Qty Price/year
1-2 180 €
3-4 171 €
5-9 162 €
10-24 150 €
25-49 143 €

VPN Certified



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Subscription Policy

Subscription Policy

Subscription gives you the right to use software for a period of time, and allows you to upgrade to the latest software release at any time during that period. During the period of subscription, you do not have to pay again when a new release is available

Do I get all software updates during my subscription?


I am not going to activate the software immediately. When will my subscription period start?

The subscription starts upon software license activation. If you are a TheGreenBow reseller, the subscription of your customers will start whenever you customers decide to activation with their license number.

When does my subscription end?

The renewal of your subscription shall occur on the day of anniversary of your license activation.




License numbers can be delivered as a single number for multiple users, or multiple license numbers. Not applicable is the quantity selected is 1 user.
  • Choose 'Individual license' and get multiple license numbers.
  • Choose 'Master license' and get a single license number.
For example, if the 'License(s)' selected is 7 users, and 'Delivery' selected is 'Individual license', you'll receive 7 license numbers via email.
Why am I buying an Upgrade?
Upgrade is proposed in case your maintenance contract expired earlier than 3 months ago. Maintenance contract starts at the time of software activation.
Why am I buying Maintenance Extension?
Extension of maintenance contract is proposed in case your maintenance contract has not expired yet or it has expired in the last 3 months. Maintenance contract starts at the time of software activation.

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